Arrival in Singapore: times have changed

Nothing like starting the day after a 16-hour flight with roti paratha and scrambled eggs! I had an early morning arrival on the United 1 Boeing 787 Dreamliner direct to Singapore from SFO (exit row economy seats 27A and 27L are pretty sweet if you like leg room, freedom to use the bathroom and a wall to lean against), then wandered through the fancy mall-like Changi Airport to an airport lounge to take a shower and eat a decent breakfast. How much the world has developed and how far I’ve come since my days/daze of multiple connecting flights over 2 days only to get off and onto the back of a pickup truck or into a train or bus packed with people/produce/animals for another epic journey to the destination. 

1 thought on “Arrival in Singapore: times have changed”

  1. Geetha smyttie

    Good for you sophy! Safe travels my friend. Can’t wait to read more . Happy also to see that international travel (something I love so much) may not be a thing of the past since I’m now running around with 2 little ones now…. =)

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