September 2010

forest frog oviducts

coconut juice sweetswith forest frog’s oviductswhat the hell is this?

phoenix rising in beijing

out of the Wuhan ashes… tofu, shrooms galoreorganic greens, local farmsnot cooked in pork fat … Wow!

generic shop

tell it like it isdon't even try to stand outfire the marketer

a bird in Wuhan

amidst soot and noisea bird issues an urgent songremember, i'm here

the inconvenient truth

in Wuhan twilight tree leaves collect toxic dustheavy red sun sets

street scene in Wuhan

[above: the street scene right outside my cheap hotel. Note the Wuhan Dude look at the trunk of one of the turquoise taxis: t-shirt or tank pulled up to the nipples and belly hanging out. It's very popular these days.] heat index 110i can feel my brain meltingtrapped in hotel room

Wuhan alleyway

through an alleywayi saw the rest of Chinacrumbling concrete walls one-room familiesyoung boys smoking cigarettesgrandmas sorting trash amidst smoke and stinkirrepressibly humanpeople laugh and play

squat n knit

waiting for small shifts in this giant human massgives meaning to time