September 2008

poo irony

I spent two months in Sub-Saharan Africa, eating local food at street stands and at roadside holes-in-the-wall and had perfectly fine poops. Solid, every dang morning. Then I come back to the US, eat some gourmet food at fancy restaurants, and have the most violent cramping diarrhea ever. Go figure.

Nairobi’s not so bad after all…

OK, I have a bad attitude towards Nairobi. Historically I haven’t had any particularly good experiences with being in Nairobi. After all, my first night in Nairobi was spent running away from shady men in the street and in a hostel that ended up more like a giant brothel, dodging cockroaches with my suitcases barricading …

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stranded in Nairobi!

Within Tanzania, we use an airline named “Precision Air.” We call it Approximate Air. In the two months I was traveling in Tanzania, 3 planes were canceled, and the delay was anywhere between 4 hours to a day and a half. I thought we had it bad till I saw an angry group of Tanzanians …

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KA: Kitenge-holics Anonymous

Hi, my name is sophy, and i’m addicted to KITENGE!!!! Yeah! [above: Rita, the amazing tailor-seamstress-textile-artist, and me – with the bags she made with my design sketches] [above: Joelle sporting a hoodie made out of kitenge]

OUT with a BANG!

[above: mentoring Team TZ – Jenny, me, Guy] My LAST week of fellowship and work in Tanzania is now OVER! We came back to Moshi to do direct mentoring at the Mawenzi Hospital HIV clinic. Mawenzi is dreadfully representative of the broken health care system in Tanzania. It’s the regional referral hospital for all of …

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