January 2008

Tabora Town: going local

I am typing in my very own sitting room verandah in this small city’s only fancy hotel, the Orion Tabora. Outside are the intermingling sounds of people speaking Swahili at their bar, Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” (for the third time in the last hour), a man singing prayer at the nearest mosque, frogs, crickets, turtles …

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London re-Impression

My first re-impressions of London:-> Everyone smokes! -> Black and brown people get seriously detained and interrogated by other black and brown people at immigration. (Self hate is deep!)-> I get easily lost in most places. I blame it on my left-handedness and poor sense of direction. In London, I get ridiculously lost. Despite studying …

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De-bunking third world myths with the best stats presentation ever!

Aloha from Hawai’i. I am being silly and exploring nerdy visual-design-data resources online while the sun, ocean, beach and valley beckon outside. Before I turn off this computer, I want to share this awesome resource with y’all (which my neighbor-friend Brian Sullivan sent to me):http://www.gapminder.org/world/ http://static.videoegg.com/ted/flash/loader.swf