Bagamoyo Uhuru dancers!


This is a low-res (point and shoot camera) video i took yesterday night at the Bagamoyo Arts College (Chua Cha Sanaa) weekly performance. There was some really great work by young artists, including the young people in this piece – a group called the Uhuru (freedom) dancers and drummers. Sadly, the sound on my camera is not working, so i had to splice it with a Gilberto Gil song to give it a beat.

Many of the artists presented work that was a good mix of traditional and modern influences. The video shown here was more traditional in drumming and dance style – though it’s always interesting to see what people do for their dance outfits. In this case – colored plastic straw skirts over boxer shorts for the men… and t-shirts and tank tops with cotton wrap bottoms for the women. The video might make it look like a dorky college cultural show, but i assure you that it was way cooler. 😉

The best part of this performance was that it was in an outdoor amphitheater on the beach, and the audience was filled with folks from the Bagamoyo community – bibi, babu, watoto (grandmas, grandpas, children) were all present. It’s great to see the community all come out and participate and enjoy the creative work of its young people.

There were only a small handful of wazungu (foreigners), including myself and a bunch of the volunteer art teachers from Spain and Portugal whom i’d met and befriended on the plane ride over from London to Dar 4 weeks ago. It’s a small world after all!

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  1. hey sophy!! i love that video w/the gilberto gil music combo…given that i am lazy about uploading photos i appreciate the work that went in to putting this together and up for us to see!! i am gonna check out your slide show now- have safe travels and continue to keep us posted!! xoxoc

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