food fun II

OK, guess what this is: above: a tea egg chick fetus, a Hangzhou delicacy. Yes, the chickie fetus gets eaten with the rest of the egg. Beak optional. (Is this vegetarian or poultry? Hmmm…) below: Bruce Lee has a fast food chain in China! (Boy, is he turning in his grave?) My cousin says that …

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Shanghai’ed: favorites

Here are some of my favorite images from roaming around Shanghai: above: in an alleyway of the painfully hip commercial art area called the Taiking Road Art Centre above: the view of Pudong River from my hotel room. Yes folks: that’s SMOG. above: one of the many the Mao Tse-Tung tribute sections of the Shanghai …

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the cake that fell from the sky

Above: China is the proud home of the world’s fastest train, which I took from Beijing to Shanghai, a 9 hour trip. “the cake that fell from the sky and landed in my lap” My China Pangaea colleague Thomas uses this saying when something awesome unexpectedly happens. After working 150 hours in the last 10 …

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