Kenya to London to SF: the shock

[left: “Sony Store” of Kisumu, Kenya. Not exactly the Metreon.] Imagine this: plugging in your laptop at London Heathrow airport (i.e. the upscale mall that also has international flights) while facing HMV and Dixon’s electronics shops, and finding your keyboard filled with dead insect carcasses that you have to clear out before typing. After a …

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Kenya: rawness of living

[left: pus drained out of a client’s lungs by straight IV into the only drainage bag we could find on the island below: our backyard in Sena: straight up cornfields] Someone should tell the folks at San Francisco General Hospital that they’re wrong about something. San Francisco General Hospital is not “As Real as It …

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Kenya: sign-spotting

[photos at left: famous people matatus] You encounter some wild names when you travel – in part because of cultural differences, in part because of writing in English as a second or third language. Asia has some great sign-spotting, but Kenya can definitely join in the competition. Check it out… matatus My personal favorite… -“Retired …

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Kenya: photo album

This is my online photo album of photos from Kenya. It includes clinic and work photos from Kisumu (FACES), Eldoret and Turbo (AMPATH), daily living, and adventures, such as to Kakamega Forest. I’ll keep adding to it during the trip, so please visit the link periodically during May 07! Kenya, April-May 07