Getting to mainland China from Hong Kong Airport by ferry: don’t make the mistake I did!

One of the easiest ways to get to Southern mainland China if you’re traveling internationally is to land in Hong Kong International Airport and take a ferry from the SkyPier. What I didn’t realize when I tried to do this (and it’s not obvious from the many maps and websites I read about the SkyPier) …

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Wuhan alleyway

through an alleywayi saw the rest of Chinacrumbling concrete walls one-room familiesyoung boys smoking cigarettesgrandmas sorting trash amidst smoke and stinkirrepressibly humanpeople laugh and play

warmly greeting from Wuhan

Wuhan Infectious Disease Hospital i am super squirrelstoring it all in my cheeksleaping tree to tree here i come to save the dayPPTs are on their way (too bad squirrels are mostly ignored)

Hangzhou traffic at 6 am

rainy septemberone of the four furnacesHangzhou wet and hot noise never ceasesmen yelling at phonescars honking at 4 am China is busycreating work for work’s saketaxing the spirit

my mobile office

I know that I am traveling too much when I have a specific “office desk” at SFO. You can’t beat the North Food Court (in front of Emporio Rulli and before the security check point)… it’s got a working electrical outlet, free wifi, a nice big clean table, decent chairs, snacks nearby, and is reasonably …

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fast food takes over China

Hallelujah, my diarrhea has run out of steam! Back to eating all sorts of funky things… I am trying out this new way of posting to my blog via email… This helps me bypass the web restrictions while I am traveling in China, and allows me to post on the go from my iPhone. Boy, …

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