Street art in George Town, Penang, Malaysia

Wandering around old, preserved streets is even more fun when there is street art to be found. George Town is full of street art, especially around the Armenian Street area. I wish there were more local Malaysian artists than European and (white) expat artists, but the work is well-done and often clever and interesting and hopefully inspires more locally-generated public art.
Above is “The real Bruce Lee wouldn’t do this,” part of the 101 cats series to advocate for awareness and services for stray cats. Many thanks to the family from Poland who saw me trying to do a self-timer jump and volunteered to take the photo for me.
There’s a good map of some of the highlighted works, most of them done by Lithuanian ex-pat artist Ernest Zacharevic, is on this blog written by a George Town local:
A few other pieces:


This one I like because the young woman who was hogging the motorcycle piece with many glam photos of herself has become part of the work, with the little boy restraining the glam-girl-eating dinosaur.
 I don’t know who this is, but it was good to see a huge mural of a Malaysian footballer take up a wall of a building.
A public health piece on smoking cessation!
I love how this one plays on the existing architecture.
This piece with the boatsman is beautifully done.
This one by Ernest Zacharevic is probably the most well-known and tourist-tchotchke’d piece, of painted kids riding a real bike, and is overplayed by souvenir shops but it’s still a good one.

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