Adventures in parenting: homemade giant bubbles!

The last 4 years have been the longest and probably most challenging adventure for me yet: becoming a parent and raising a toddler while working full time and building a career. Parenting has been an intense collection of some of my highest highs and lowest lows, and lots of hamster wheeling in between. My favorite highs so far have been witnessing the ecstatic amazement my 3-year-old expresses when he experiences something new and awesome, like bubbles. His obsession with bubbles has turned into my obsession. 

Together we have learned to make our own giant bubble juice. Our favorite  recipe thus far: 1 gal warm-hot water + 1 cup non-concentrated dish soap (like Dawn) + 2 tbsp Bubble Thing powder  (or 0.5 tbsp of J-lube, which is polyethylene polymer + 1-2 tbsp baking powder) + 3 tbsp of glycerin. Yesterday we also made our own giant bubble wand out of dried bamboo sticks from my mom’s yard, 8 feet of wool yarn, and 2 small washers. Bubble-palooza in our backyard!