mini red bean mochi buns! (my new fave snack)

thin delicate shell
airy, moist, chewy inside
ate 12 all at once

Get 'em fresh out of the oven at a bakery in downtown Kunming called 'Just Hot' which most people here including the workers pronounce as "Jess Hao." Check out their philosophy in the photo. I got hooked the first time trying them after a 2 hour massage nearby (for less than $20 in a clean, private room!), and then went back 5 times only to find them sold out each time. Finally, i waited an hour on my last night in Kunming for a fresh batch. It was worth it. I want to figure out the recipe for these (rice flour, sugar, red bean, and squirt onto parchment paper with a pastry tube and bake?), so if you have any ideas, let me know!

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