Shanghai’ed: favorites

Here are some of my favorite images from roaming around Shanghai:

above: in an alleyway of the painfully hip commercial art area called the Taiking Road Art Centre

above: the view of Pudong River from my hotel room. Yes folks: that’s SMOG.

above: one of the many the Mao Tse-Tung tribute sections of the Shanghai Chinese Propaganda Museum, though this one had an impressive collection of mini Mao statues that filled a wall.

above: OMG! A Smart Car in Shanghai! Modernization to the max.

above: Crazy Harajuku-type fashionistas populate Shanghai too.

2 thoughts on “Shanghai’ed: favorites”

  1. Is that train actually a monorail? Because Ennio and I watched something on high tech monorails and it talked about one in China that is the world's fastest. I'm not sure if i could handle the red hua guo, but I wish I could try. How I long for good Chinese food.

  2. Yes, it's probably the high speed monorail that you saw. It is supposedly the world's fastest (though China really does up its superlatives in a ridiculous way.).

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