here’s to an auspicious start in China!

an auspicious start to my HIV work in China: here’s a pack of condoms (the orange box) with all the bathroom sundries in my hotel room. Go STD and HIV prevention!

i’m not sure what guatting a fly entails, but i am sure that the fly won’t like it, even if i do it carefully.

We just finished my first meeting with the Chinese CDC managers, HIV
partner programs, and Gates China (a highly political and powerful
group of people in the world of HIV in China), and it seems to be
friendly and supportive of us visiting the sites in Chongqing and
Kunming – and identifying true areas of change. Gates says that they
will tie their funding to if the organizations respond to the gaps in
an effective way. This means that we might be able to have a real and
positive impact! Yay!

Now I just found out that Blogspot and Facebook are censored here
(social networking is dangerous for the country’s stability…) so now
I am asking Young Whan to help me post these blog entries. Thanks to
the best-partner-blogadministrator ever!

4 thoughts on “here’s to an auspicious start in China!”

  1. hi sophy, i'm glad you are keeping up with your travel blog (yah for YW helping). i love reading about your adventures. free condoms, nice.

  2. Considering Google is embattled with China right now, I'm surprised your able to post. Maybe a MSN blog would be best?! hahah Anyhow, be safe and guat back to work!

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